Reviewer Guidelines  

The reviewers expected to adhere the following guidelines

  • The reviewers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of the unpublished paper that is sent for peer review.
  • The paper must be readable and novel.
  • Scope of the paper need to be verified with the journal scope.
  • Ensure that the title of the paper stand for the complete proposal of the paper.
  • Abstract must be precise and informative. Moreover, it should state the objective and scope and significance of results or findings of the paper.
  • Introduction should be attractive and explain the background of the research problems precisely.
  • Literature review should be comprehensive and the recent state of the art works should be reviewed and the gap between the proposal of paper and the existing works should be clearly identified.
  • Proposed method should be clearly described and that should be presented in a scientific way.
  • The techniques and the metrics used in the paper should be valid and accepted scientifically.
  • Images should be clear enough and the text contained in the images should be readable.
  • The tables, figures, equations, references should be appropriately cited.
  • If any plagiarism is detected, the same should be intimated to the editor with justification or proof.
  • The reviewers are expected to give suggestions to improve the quality of the paper.