Ethics Policy

Publication Ethics

  • The manuscripts for submission must be original, not been published anywhere else, and not been considered for publication with any other journals, conferences, symposiums, etc.

  • The corresponding author must get consent or approval from the co-others before submission.

  • The authors must provide the current institution or affiliation where the work has been carried out and that must be verifiable.

  • The manuscripts should not possess plagiarized contents. If any malpractice is identified, the particular manuscript will be rejected or removed from the journal website permanently.

  • The results, figures, and tables, should be original.

  • The manuscript should not contain any material taken from other copyrighted sources. Wherever such material has been included, it has to be clearly indented or/and identified by quotation marks and due and proper acknowledgements must be given by citing the source at appropriate places.

  • The final version of the paper should not deviate substantially from the initial version submitted for review except the revisions suggested by the reviewers.