Peer Review Process  

Step 1: Paper submission

Authors shall submit their manuscript to the editor through email to

Step 2: Initial Screening

The submitted paper undergoes initial screening process. In the screening process, the scope of the paper, plagiarism, appropriateness of the references and the quality of the paper is evaluated based on the quantum of research work in terms of study, design, implementation, experiment or analysis, and the inferences presented. The result of the screening process shall be intimated to the authors instantly. The screening result may be any one of the following: (1) Acceptance (2) Resubmission with modification (3) Rejection. The initial screening is completed within 12 hours of submission.

Step 3: Peer review

If the submitted paper passes the initial screen process then the paper shall be sent to at least three peer reviewers for review. The result of the peer review can be (1) Acceptance without changes (2) Acceptance with minor revision (3) Accepted with major revision (4) Re-review (5) Rejection. The review comments are received from the peer reviewers are evaluated and compiled by the editorial board and the same shall be intimated to the authors. The peer review process is completed within 5 days.

Step 4: Author revision

If the paper is accepted with minor or major revision the authors need to revise the paper as per the review comments and send the revised version along with the duly filled copyright form to the editorial board.

Step 5: Evaluation of revised manuscript

The editorial board reviews the revisions that are carried out by the authors. If re-review was suggested by the reviewers then the revised paper shall be sent to the same reviewer for re-review. Based on the re-review comment the paper shall be accepted, revised, or rejected that shall be intimated to the authors. Otherwise, the revised paper shall be sent to typesetting. This process is carried out within 12 hours.

Step 6: Language editing

The paper shall be sent for language editing and the galley proof is prepared. This step takes 12 hours.

Step 7: Proof reading

The galley proof shall be sent to the authors for proof reading.

Step 8: Publication

The proof reading corrections are carried out by the editorial team and the paper shall be published online instantly.