Author Guidelines  

The authors are requested to follow the guidelines to prepare and submit their manuscripts for publication.

Publication ethics

The manuscripts for submission must be original, not been published anywhere else, and not been considered for publication with any other journals, conferences, symposiums, etc. The manuscripts should not possess plagiarized contents. If any malpractice is identified, the particular manuscript will be rejected or removed from the journal website permanently.

Size of the manuscript

A manuscript shall have an abstract not exceeding 150 words, 4 to 6 keywords and the length of the manuscript should not exceed 10 pages according to the journal format.

Preparation of manuscript

The authors can prepare the manuscripts based on the type of the paper such as research articles, review articles, short communications, letters and technical notes. However, the manuscript should contain the title of the manuscript, name of the authors and their affiliation, abstract, and keywords. The body of the manuscript shall contain the sections such as introduction, literature review/related works, methods and materials, proposed method/algorithm, experimental setup, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgement, references, and optional biography with photograph.

Submission of manuscript

Manuscripts are to be submitted through email to in word file (.doc/.docx) according to the IJACEE paper format that is available in downloads section.The email must bear the subject line " Submission of Paper"

Publication Fee

The article processing charge is free.


Paper Status  

Current Status of Papers
Paper ID Status
021217X Authors are expected to submit the final version of the paper along with copyright form
151017X Rejected due to not carry out the reviewers comments
011217Z Under Typesetting and Formatting Process
061217R Under Review Process
311017W Rejected due to not carry out the reviewers comments
04111Y Rejected due to not carry out the reviewers comments
051117X Under Typesetting and Formatting Process
071117X Rejected due to not carry out the reviewers comments
061217Q Under Review Process
211117U Waiting for Author Response